Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Turtle and a Deer with some Bugs mixed in

This week has been pretty varied when it comes to non-bird wildlife.  I found plenty of insects in my yard and at the bay along with a Diamondbacked Terrapin (above - only the 4th time I've seen this species) and some white-tailed deer (below).

Seaside Dragonlets are the only dragonfly species in our parts that live in salt marshes.  They are also a favorite meal for the Purple Martin.  Below is a female (note the yellow).

This Ruby Meadowhawk was patient for me after work one evening:

A Pearl Crescent Butterfly fed on flowers in my yard:

and an American Copper utilized the same plant the following day:

A milkweed bug clung to a blade of grass early in the morning:

And a few more shots of the Diamondbacked Terrapin on her way to lay eggs:

Full body shot...

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