Saturday, July 3, 2010

El Salvador

Finally getting around to doing my El Salvador updates... I just updated my bird photo blog and here are the non-bird shots.  It was a little disappointing in terms of animals and diversity, but we were unable to go to Parque Imposible due to a washed out bridge which meant not getting a lot of photos.  I still saw a great diversity of butterflies though and quite a few lizards (though I wasn't able to photo any of them).  Above: Roca Sunzal, La Libertad, El Salvador

Above: A clear winged butterfly at "The Devil's Door" outside of San Salvador.  Below: A closeup of a butterfly in the mountains of Northern El Salvador

Same species:

Same spot, different species:

This spider was nice enough to pose while we wanted for La Policia to show up after the car broke down (which is when I obtained the above photos as well)

And one last shot of Roca Sunzal, a little later in the evening:

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