Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This afternoon I hiked a section of Hubbard County Park in Flanders in pursuit of a particular osprey nest which I was unsuccessful in finding.  I did, however, find two previously unknown (to the NYS natural heritage program anyway) populations of Sabatia stellaris (salt-marsh pink), a small pink flowering plant that is fond of brackish marshes and is on the NYS endangered list.  I previously had found a location near my house of this species which was unknown to the NYS natural heritage program two summers ok so this was a nice find.   Unfortunately the mosquitoes were unbearable so it was a quick few shots and then I left.  More photos (probably of the population that's closer to home) to come.

This Fowler's Toad was spotted on the other side of the property... it probably is a yearling as it was not the size of an adult. 

And some sunsets from Patchogue after a wild storm tore across the island:

And across the river: