Wednesday, June 1, 2011


While I love to photograph birds and mammals (even amphibians!) I have a soft spot for wildflowers.  On Long Island in particular, people seem to have forgotten the beauty of naturally growing flowers that dot our wetlands, grasslands and woodlands.  Too many suburban homes are filled with perfect gardens made up of non-native plants that we think we could only experience if we go to the store and buy them.  But if you keep your eyes open you can experience some of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

I visited Quogue Wildlife Refuge this evening and took advantage of the filtered sunlight (read: clouds) and  tried out my new Gitzo tripod.  I didn't find the starflower which is what I was really after but was happy to get these three species.  The Blue-flag Iris (top), Yellow-flag Iris (above) and the Pitcher Plant (below).  I hope you enjoy them and keep your eyes out next time you are on a nature hike for our natural blooming beauties.

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