Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Fox Den

As luck would have it - I recently found a second fox den (about 15 miles by way of the flying bird away from the other den).  This particular fox home has 4 kits (versus 3 at the other location) and is extremely accessible with no tall grasses in the way like at the other site.  The first time I spotted them I was able to get quite close (certainly closer than I was at the other den) and repeated this today.  I also took a venture into the woods behind this den to see what other activities there were and there is another major den (from the same family) with several small escape hatches in a really cool (photographable) setting.  Perhaps one day I'll be able to setup in the morning and capture them as they venture from den to den.

One of the kits is certainly braver than the others. . . as you can see in the images it has no problem lounging outside the entrance, sleeping, scratching, stretching - whatever while I'm around.  The others poke there heads out and may appear for a little but either return to the den or go to the other one in the woods.  The father fox (seen below) returned from a hunting trip the first afternoon I was there and had 3 mice in his mouth (you can see 3 tails hanging out).  When I saw this I knew it was time to leave.

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  1. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.