Sunday, April 25, 2010

Muskrat Love Canal

On Thursday I drove down Dune Rd. with the hope that the thunderstorm would move on and give me some quality evening light.  Just as I had driven past the Quogue Wetlands Preserve I noticed this rainbow that had formed and doubled back to get an unobstructed shot of it

I had to boost the saturation a lot to bring out the colors in the rainbow, as I didn't have a CPL (polarizing) filter and as such the orange may be a bit over the top and their isn't a well defined color band.  Here is a photo of the boardwalk crossing over a freshwater marsh at the preserve:

After I got this shot, I looked down in the mosquito ditch that runs below the boardwalk and saw 2 muskrats getting frisky.  Behind me was a third muskrat (likely another male, as at one point 2 of them seemed to be fighting, with the loser literally flying through the air and landing in the water):

I changed lenses to get more SS and a little more focal length:

And here the muskrat is swimming in the little canal:

As I'm a little behind, here are some groundhog shots from last week:

The other day I stopped at Quogue Wildlife Refuge to photograph some frogs, and happened upon some ferns and skunk cabbage that were perfect for my macro lens:

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