Monday, March 29, 2010


Ondatra zibethicus:
After driving to Sagaponack for a pair of Sandhill Cranes (a rare visitor to Long Island) I gave one of my secret spots a try as it's been good for Pied-Billed Grebes in the past as well as a variety of ducks and raptors.  As soon as I pulled up I saw a Muskrat eating away.  It was a bit of a surprise as I've only seen this species 5 other times and it didn't mind my car pulling up next to it.  The angle was near impossible so I parked and got out for a few more shots before it retreated to the water - providing the photo at the top of this entry.

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  1. It's Toni Tennille's birthday from "Captain & Tennille" (she's 69) so muskrats were on my mind. I went looking for photos and found yours. Very glad I did. :)